Collection: Large Microwavable Rice Bags with Ties for Hands Free Use

All of our rice bags come ready to gift with care and use instructions. These can be used as heat packs or cold therapy packs! We make them with long grain rice, 100% cotton fabric, and cotton thread. These offer many benefits:

     - The ties on these bags make it so that you can wear it hands free any time.

     - The ties on these bags also make it so that you can wear it multiple different ways. Wear it on your lower back, upper back, or even to treat menstrual cramps!

     - The moist heat penetrates your tissues deeper than traditional dry heat methods.

     - Moist heat heats you up faster.

     - Moist heat better relieves symptoms than other methods.

     - Pop these in the freezer for cold therapy relief.

     - SUMMER is here. These work wonderful for Sunburn or any burn relief, too!